Rise Nation | High Intensity Interval Training | Versaclimber Class
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Jumpstart Your Evolution

Rise Nation is more than a workout. It’s a movement. Step inside our exhilarating studios for a high-intensity, choreographed climbing routine that will get you sweating, dancing, and smiling.

Follow Your Instincts

Make the most of your time and energy. Climbing engages all major muscle groups simultaneously, giving you a powerful workout from a single action.

Reach New Heights

Our method keeps the body upright, aligned, and balanced—delivering a heart-pumping, sweat-dripping routine while avoiding strain and injury.

Rise Together

You can push yourself further with the Rise Nation team. Our instructors are passionate and supportive, and our studios are outfitted with innovative lighting and sound systems to fuel your workout.


At Rise Nation you’re in a darkened room with flashing lights, you’re encouraged to move by super enthusiastic instructors, and there’s loud, thumping music that makes you feel like you’re at a club, not at a gym class.

  ELLE Magazine

Rise Nation is one of the best workouts – Jason Walsh developed a low-impact, high intensity 30-minute workout featuring VersaClimber training, and core exercises that is nothing short of a challenge.

  Vogue Magazine

Within half an hour it’s all over… and I couldn’t wait to book by next class! Everyone in the class completed a stationary climb to heights ranging from 1500 to 5000 feet, a distance close to scaling the Empire State Building.