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The Method

Rise Nation has redefined fitness with its effective, efficient, and safe workouts. After training countless clients with injuries from other fitness trends, Jason Walsh—Rise Nation founder and renowned Los Angeles trainer—created an alternative. Drawing on his knowledge of human physiology, Walsh developed Rise Nation climbing routines to produce satisfying results, with very low risk.

The Science

Climbing just feels right, and with good reason: it’s a motion the human body evolved to make. Rising aligns your spine and engages all major muscle groups, with zero-impact. The innate movement makes for a uniquely impactful, challenging, and rewarding workout.

The Workout

Unlike other fitness machines, the Versaclimber doesn’t retain momentum, meaning YOU earn every foot of elevation you climb. There’s a reason why Rise Nation workouts burn nearly twice as many calories as other cardio routines. Get more out of your time with Rise Nation’s full-body approach.

The Experience

Rise Nation studios and instruction might surprise you. Geometric, custom-lit ceiling installations coordinate with your workout, while powerful speakers get you climbing to the beat. Get caught up in the moment with your fellow climbers.